Conferenza Annuale 2024

Seconda Conferenza
Rete Italiana del Fotovoltaico

11 – 12 giugno 2024

Bolzano – NOI Techpark / Eurac Research

“For logistic reasons and number of participants capped at 250, we ask you to register now to secure your seat. However, please register only if you are planning to attend with a certain degree of certainty. Please let us know as soon as possible in case you are not in the position to attend anymore by sending an email to in order to make sure that other people can have the possibility to participate.”

“Per ragioni logistiche e per un numero massimo di partecipanti pari a 250, vi chiediamo di registrarvi ora per assicurarvi il posto. Tuttavia vi preghiamo di registrarvi solo se avete intenzione di partecipare con un certo grado di certezza. In caso di impedimento vi chiediamo di farcelo sapere il prima possibile inviando una mail all’indirizzo così da permettere ad altre persone interessate di partecipare.”


  • Silicon cells and modules;
  • Perovskite and other thin film solar cells;
  • Tandem/multi-junction cells;
  • New materials and innovative cell architectures;
  • New materials for other PV components (i.e. inverters, cables, connections);  
  • New and innovative concepts for PV energy conversion.
  • Power electronics;
  • Integrated electronics and intelligent PV modules;
  • Electronics to increase PV penetration and grid friendly integration; including ancillary services;
  • Deep integration of PV and energystorage;   
  • IoT solutions for PV performance, monitoring and diagnosis;  
  • Algorithms (predictive, prescriptive, etc.) and AI for PV applications.  
  • PV integration in buildings, vehicles and infrastructures;
  • Agrivoltaics;
  • Floating PV;
  • Renewable Energy Communities;
  • Hybridization of PV with other technologies for multifunctional applications;    
  • Space applications.
  • PV value-chains;
  • PV manufacturing and construction automation;
  • PV economics, finance and markets and new business models;  
  • Competitiveness of the European PV industry;  
  • O&M and performance of PV plants;
  • LCA and carbon footprint of photovoltaics;
  • Other sustainability analyses (recycling, end-of-life , second-life components, etc.).
  • Transition to carbon-neutral energy systems: scenarios for renewables;   
  • Global challenges (climate change, loss of biodiversity, resource consumption and overshoot) and energy policy;
  • Energy transition and societal challenges;  
  • Citizens’ participation and awareness;