Call for Abstracts

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  • Silicon cells and modules;
  • Perovskite and other thin film solar cells;
  • Tandem/multi-junction cells;
  • New materials and innovative cell architectures;
  • New materials for other PV components (i.e. inverters, cables, connections);  
  • New and innovative concepts for PV energy conversion.
  • Power electronics;
  • Integrated electronics and intelligent PV modules;
  • Electronics to increase PV penetration and grid friendly integration; including ancillary services;
  • Deep integration of PV and energystorage;   
  • IoT solutions for PV performance, monitoring and diagnosis;  
  • Algorithms (predictive, prescriptive, etc.) and AI for PV applications.  
  • PV integration in buildings, vehicles and infrastructures;
  • Agrivoltaics;
  • Floating PV;
  • Renewable Energy Communities;
  • Hybridization of PV with other technologies for multifunctional applications;    
  • Space applications.
  • PV value-chains;
  • PV manufacturing and construction automation;
  • PV economics, finance and markets and new business models;  
  • Competitiveness of the European PV industry;  
  • O&M and performance of PV plants;
  • LCA and carbon footprint of photovoltaics;
  • Other sustainability analyses (recycling, end-of-life , second-life components, etc.).
  • Transition to carbon-neutral energy systems: scenarios for renewables;   
  • Global challenges (climate change, loss of biodiversity, resource consumption and overshoot) and energy policy;
  • Energy transition and societal challenges;  
  • Citizens’ participation and awareness;